The ERN holds workshops and virtual meetings that feature speakers and discussions on topics of interest to the research computing infrastructure community in the Northeast.  Date and location information for past and upcoming meetings is included in the meeting schedule below.

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Latest Past Events

ERN Structural Biology Voice of the Customer Virtual Workshop

The Rutgers Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine and the Eastern Regional Network are co-organizing an online workshop to solicit feedback from electron microscopists and electron microscopy facility managers regarding their information technology (IT) challenges. The goal of our Voice of the Customer exercise is to ascertain the needs of this rapidly growing community of structural biologists for enumeration in an NSF Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-1 application (Program Solicitation NSF 21- 505, Mid-scale RI-1).

Our proposal seeks funds to establish robust federated IT data transfer networking and data management solutions among ERN-member institutions that will enable facile and secure online access to electron microscopy facilities and the large volumes of data generated therefrom.

Electron microscopists and electron microscopy facility managers working in ERN-member institutions are strongly encouraged to register (at no cost) and contribute to the success of the Mid-scale RI-1 proposal by explaining current IT infrastructure pain points and helping to identify future enhancements for remote access and control of imaging experiments by structural biologists using institutional, regional, and national electron microscopy facilities. Interested parties from outside the ERN, including ex-US institutions, are similarly encouraged to register (at no cost) and participate. The ERN is committed to identifying IT infrastructure solutions that can be disseminated across the nation and around the world.

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ERN Broadening the Reach Virtual Workshop

Many smaller, mid-sized and under-resourced campuses, including MSIs, HSIs, HBCUs, and EPSCoR institutions, have compelling science research and education activities along with an awareness of the benefits associated with better access to cyberinfrastructure resources. Yet, these schools typically may not have the resources or expertise in-house to go through the process of identifying, understanding and quantifying science drivers, understanding the cyberinfrastructure needed to support the applications; and, then provide both the technical and application support associated with matching the applications to the infrastructure, particularly when the required resources are outside of their campus environment.

We invite you and colleagues at your institution to participate in the Eastern Regional Network’s (ERN) Broadening the Reach (BTR) workshop on December 10 - December 11. The workshop is bringing together representatives (including CIOs and/or provosts, vice presidents for research, researchers, educators, and technical support staff) from the small, mid-sized and under-resourced schools in the Northeast, including MSIs, HSIs, HBCUs, and EPSCoR institutions, along with regional (and national) cyberinfrastructure experts with the goal of improving the Eastern Regional Network’s understanding of how best to support under-resourced academic institutions in the region.

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ERN Architecture and Federation Virtual Workshop

The vision of the federated collaboratories will require the development of many layers of abstractions ranging from hardware, networking, federation architecture, scientific workflows, and domain-specific models and tools to enable collaborative discovery. The ERN Architecture and Federation working group are focused on gathering information and discussing what the “federated collaboratory” might look like from both a hardware and software perspective as well as what federation should look like as we strive for a seamless collaborative sharing experience.

As a member of the ERN community, or attendee of the ERN All Hands Meeting in July, we invite you to participate in the Eastern Regional Network’s Architecture and Federation workshop December 2nd - 4th. The workshop is currently scheduled to cover the following topics:

-Authentication, authorization and access

-Data storage and transfer

-Network connectivity

-Federated infrastructures science driver use cases

Discussions following each session’s presentations will help in the understanding of how best to model the federated instrument promoting collaboration and scientific

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