ERN Virtual All Hands – Broadening the Reach Session

The session aims to learn directly from smaller, mid-sized and under-resourced campuses on the research infrastructure capability needs of the institutions – data, supercomputers and/or other research equipment, software, and people. In addition, the
session will explore developing a skilled workforce to support advanced CI and research
and the potential for the Eastern Regional Network (ERN) to provide the broader community access to ACI expertise, resources, tools, events, guidance, data, and collaboration opportunities. The goal is to bring together the community thought leaders to identify challenges, opportunities, collaboration opportunities, and brainstorm on the ERN Implementation in collaboration with RENs to address the needs of smaller, mid-sized and under-resourced campuses. Results of the workshop will also be used for planning the 2021-2022 ERN BTR Working Group workshops.
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ERN Virtual All Hands – Policies Session

The vision of the ERN is to simplify and incentivize multi-campus collaborations and partnerships throughout the nation and beyond that advance the frontiers of research, pedagogy, and innovation. In order to do this successfully the ERN needs to consider current university policies as well as engage with university administrations in developing a policy strategy to help us bring the vision to reality. This session aims to learn from the ERN community the impact of federated and university policies and what considerations need to be taken into account as we create new policies and procedures designed to lower barriers that allow the ease of sharing knowledge, data, infrastructure, and people.

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