ERN Virtual All Hands – Opening Session

The Eastern Regional Network (ERN) has been very busy since our June 2020 All Hands Meeting and are excited about sharing all of the activities with you, the ERN community. For this reason, we are pleased to announce that this year’s ERN All Hands Meeting will take place virtually from July 13 - 15, 2021. You are invited to join with the ERN community as we come together to discuss current and future ERN projects, collaborations and partnerships, the five ERN Working Groups’ efforts, future funding opportunities, future workshops, and other topics. In addition, we plan to invite several NSF Program Officers to the All Hands Meeting as well as industry partners who have been involved with several of the ERN activities.
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ERN Virtual All Hands – Architecture/Federation Session

Merging what we learned from the ERN working group meetings, workshops, and the community, our goal for the ERN has evolved into building an instrument that interconnects the research instruments on our campuses through a federated private cloud platform (OpenCI Labs), a secure but open gateway to our campus CI ecosystems, coupled with distributed specialized cloudlet nodes that provide near data computing and advanced networking capabilities placed within close proximity to a research instrument (edge cloud services). This ERN effort, driven by the needs of the Structural Biology, Materials Discovery, and Computer Science and Broadening the Reach communities, with the help from people representing all the major stakeholder groups and partner sites across the region and beyond, is focused on standing up these secure services in order to revolutionize the way the research and education communities across the nation collaborate, access research instruments, and share data, ultimately leading to new and exciting research and education endeavors. The purpose of this session is to share what we have learned since the last AHM, instrument designs, and future projects with the hope that, as a community, we find a path forward to realize the ERN vision and mission.
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